About Us

MicroReplay is the continuation of a 27 year long tradition of excellence in providing independent, genuine Apple parts, support and repair service. MicroReplay serves the US and international consumer, dealer, corporate and education communities, supplying them with a wide variety of Apple knowledge, parts and repair services.

Our mission is to provide a quality source, independent of Apple, for systems, parts and exchange repairs of Apple technology products. MicroReplay was born out of a desire to return to our Apple roots. We have specialized in Apple products for 27 years and we know them well. We have established a warehouse, service and repair facility located inside the Route 128 High Technology Region of Boston, Massachusetts, which is dedicated to Apple products. With this facility, we can serve you and your Apple needs best. We have used our new facility to build an inventory of systems and important service parts for both sale and exchange repair.

Updated technology is a driving force at MicroReplay. We have made a substantial investment in our modern research/repair facility. Keeping pace with fast-changing electronics technology is paramount. Our repair/rework capabilities include the latest Surface Mount Device (SMD) technologies, including complicated ball-grid-array (BGA) devices and lead-free solder. This allows us to work on the latest boards from Apple.

Our size, experience and long-standing reputation assure you fast, reliable service and consistent quality. Please contact us at 978-262-1340 or on the web at to find out about our current product offerings.

We are also members of the Better Business Bureau of New England. Our company ratings and information can be found here:

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