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MicroReplay repairs all Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air logic boards, including those for the MacBook Pro Retina series! This is real repair - MicroReplay troubleshoots and repairs right down to the component level. We can even repair most liquid damaged boards. Our service allows us to repair your board and return it to you, at a significant cost savings over just buying a new board.

No matter what your problem is - will not power on, will not charge the battery, liquid damage, video distortions, no audio, damaged ports, drop damage, broken or missing connectors - we can help! If for some reason your board cannot be repaired, we will return it to you at no cost to you, we'll even pay for the return shipping - there is no risk to you!

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We use high-power microscopes, tiny soldering irons and specialized test equipment to actually repair your board. We have repaired tens of thousands of Apple boards over the decades (we have been in the repair business for over 30 years), giving us extensive knowledge that we put to work for you. Check out this photo of one our tech's workbenches:

Upon receiving your board, we give it a full evaluation and very close inspection. Once we get a board on the bench, we can get an idea of what the exact problem is. Upon close inspection, we often find liquid damage and corrosion that the MacBook's owner didn't even know was there!

After we complete a repair, we run lots of tests, including bench tests and longer tests installed in a system. If you sent us your whole machine, we will fully install the repaired board for you, test it and send it back completely ready to use.

All of our repairs are covered by our One (1) Year Day Limited Warranty (ask for details).


To save you time and trouble, we offer a complete, optional line-up of installation and diagnostic services for the computer this board goes into, at no extra charge. If you would like, we can expertly diagnose, repair and reinstall the logic board in your computer, giving you a guaranteed success on the first try. Sending us your whole computer instead of just ordering a board allows us to run a complete diagnostic to determine with certainty the cause of your problem. If it turns out not to be the logic board, there will be less wasted time and expense. We also have all the proper tools and procedures to correctly repair the delicate circuitry in your computer.

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  • Upon receipt of your board, we will inspect it and attempt to repair it.
  • If your board cannot be economically repaired, we will contact you.

More Information
  • All logic boards are repaired to the original manufacturer's specifications.
  • All logic boards are covered by our One (1) Year Limited Warranty (ask for details)
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