Apple Liquid Spill Repair

Did you spill liquid on your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or other Apple product? Has your notebook now become an expensive brick because of the damage? MicroReplay has the answer!

MicroReplay offers liquid spill repair and recovery services specializing in Apple products.

In most cases we can run your notebok through our liquid spill recovery process and turn it from a paper weight back into a working computer.

The Problem

When you spill liquid on a computer and it gets on the logic board and other electronic parts inside, the minerals and salts in the liquid immediately begin to eat away at the metal and fiberglass that the parts are made of. If there is a power source available, such as a battery, which is supplying power to the system (even when the computer is turned off), the electric current will interact with the liquid and accelerate the corrosion process. This will cause the copper and other metals to migrate all over the board.

If you spill liquid on a computer, unplug immediately and remove the battery. This will help slow the process. Even still, there is usually a BIOS or PRAM battery on the board which supplies power to the board to keep the clock and other settings while it is off. This battery will also drive corrosion.

The Solution

MicroReplay offers true electronic component-level repair of your computer. We strive to understand what is wrong with the electronics in your machine and then effect a repair. This is far more cost-effective than swapping boards and parts around from other units, basically trying everything until something sticks. There is also less risk involved for you, as you won't be getting a board with someone else's problems. Here is a brief description of our process:

The first thing we do with a liquid spill logic board is clean off whatever the liquid is. This is done correctly by cleaning the board in an immersion bath with industry-standard chemical solutions and using high-powered ultrasound to remove all the contaminants. This step is essential because unless you get all the liquid off, even from under the chips and other devices, the corrosion will continue and the board will -- guaranteed -- fail again. Without the ultrasound, there is no way to properly clean a board.

The next step is to repair any damage to the circuit board itself. This includes damaged masking, substrate damage, corroded etches and missing or damaged pads. Then we look for missing or damaged devices which must be repaired or replaced. These devices are truly tiny, some the size of a grain of sand. These steps are performed using a high-powered microscope and specialized soldering equipment. We also use specialized chemical compounds to repair the board itself.

Finally we might need to replace some of the Ball Grid Array (BGA) or QFN devices like the video processor, memory controller or some of the various power regulators or other chips. This step is done using specialized equipment which allows us to remove, align and replace these devices.

We Include a Warranty!

Once we get your computer to start up and run, we run it through a burn-in process to make sure it works. We then put a six month warranty on it and ship it out!

Risk Free to Try

If we are unable repair your laptop because the damage is too extensive, we will return it to you free of charge, so there is no risk to try this service.

How it works:

  • Click on one of the links below, depending on what type of machine you have. Find the item that corresponds to your particular machine to complete your order on-line, or call us at 978-262-1340 to schedule your repair.
  • Follow the shipping instructions that will be provided by email after you enter your order.
  • Upon receipt of your laptop, we will perform an initial evaluation and/or repair within 24 hours.

More Information

  • All liquid spill repairs come with our 180 Day Limited Warranty
  • The price quoted includes repairing damage to the logic board and other "normal" liquid spill repair.
  • Each spill is unique, so it may turn out that an unusual number of components need to be replaced or the computer may be unrepairable.
  • Before any work is done, we will fully diagnose your laptop and discuss with you what needs to be done.
  • If we cannot repair your laptop, or you decline to proceed, there is no charge for the liquid spill service. Your laptop will be returned to you free of charge.

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