Repair - Logic Board - MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2GHz) 2.6 GHz CTO (P/N 661-4596)

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Apple part number: 661-4596


This is a repair service for a 661-4596-R, "Repair - Logic Board - MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2GHz) 2.6 GHz CTO (P/N 661-4596)". This service allows you to send us your part, have it repaired and then returned to you, at a significant cost savings over just buying a new part. If for some reason your part cannot be repaired, we will return it to you at no cost to you, we'll even pay for the return shipping - there is no risk to you!

Additional Information About This Part

Used in: MacBook Pro (15-inch 2.4/2.2GHz)

Additional part number: 820-2101

Used in model number (usually on bottom case): A1226

EEE code(s) for this part:

ZF8 - ZF9

The EEE ("triple-e") code(s) listed above can help identify the part you have. The EEE code for your part is imbedded in the last few characters of the serial number, which is printed on a label attached to the part. Check your part to see if any of the above codes appear near the end of the serial number.

All of our repairs are covered by our One (1) Year Day Limited Warranty (ask for details).


To save you time and trouble, we offer a complete, optional line-up of installation and diagnostic services for the computer this board goes into, at no extra charge. If you would like, we can expertly diagnose, repair and reinstall the logic board in your computer, giving you a guaranteed success on the first try. Sending us your whole computer instead of just ordering a board allows us to run a complete diagnostic to determine with certainty the cause of your problem. If it turns out not to be the logic board, there will be less wasted time and expense. We also have all the proper tools and procedures to correctly repair the delicate circuitry in your computer.

How it works:
  • Add this item to your shopping and check-out to finish your order on-line, or call our sales department at 978-262-1340 to schedule your repair and/or your optional free installation.
  • You will receive an email with instructions on how to send your part in to us.
  • You will not be charged anything until we complete your repair.
  • Upon receipt of your board, we will inspect it and attempt to repair it.
  • If you board cannot be economically repaired, we will contact you.

More Information
  • All logic boards are repaired to the original manufacturer's specifications.
  • All logic boards are covered by our One (1) Year Limited Warranty (ask for details)

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