Screen Repair Program

Is your laptop screen cracked, scratched or otherwise physically damaged? MicroReplay has the answer! We can completely replace your old, broken screen with a brand new, OEM replacement, all for one low price!

Our Overnight Screen Replacement Service is a complete solution designed to get your laptop back up and running. Our technicians will dismantle your laptop, remove your old screen, replace it with a brand-new OEM part, reassemble your laptop, test it thoroughly and return it to you, all for one low, flat-rate price.

How it works:
  • Add a repair item to your shopping and check-out to finish your order on-line, or call at 800-960-1140 to schedule your repair.
  • Select an inbound shipping and return option from the list below.
  • Upon receipt of your laptop, we will replace the screen and ship it back to you within 24 hours.

Shipping Options

Option 1: Self-ship

Use the carrier and shipping speed of your choice to send us your laptop. We will perform the repair and return your laptop to you via FedEx Ground, FedEx Two Day Air or FedEx Standard Overnight, depending on the option you choose.

Option 2: Door-to-door Courier Service

This option covers shipping three ways: sending you a box, sending your laptop to us and sending your repaired laptop back to you. Upon scheduling of your repair, we will send you an empty laptop shipping box via FedEx Ground, FedEx Two Day Air or FedEx Standard Overnight, depending on the shipping speed you choose. Upon arrival, pack your laptop in the box and call us to schedule a pickup at your location. We will send FedEx to pickup your laptop and ship it to us via the same shipping service. After the repair is complete, we will return your laptop to you via the same service.

More Information
  • Broken screens are replaced with brand-new OEM screens. These screens are not repaired or refurbished.
  • All screen repair includes a 1-year MicroReplay Limited Warranty
  • The price quoted includes the screen, installation labor and shipping. If your laptop needs additional repair besides the screen, we can diagnose and quote that as well.

Do you have any further questions? Call us toll-free at 800-960-1140!
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