Payment Policies

Major Credit Cards

On our website, we accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover credit cards via our bank-approved merchant account. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment because they provide the most protection for both the customer and the merchant.

Credit Card Address Verification

Credit card fraud costs everyone money. At MicroReplay we are very concerned about protecting our customers and keeping costs down. Therefore, we utilize special address verification procedures provided to us by our credit card company. Unlike a brick-and-mortar store where the merchant verifies the identity of the card holder by inspecting the card and/or other ID like a driver's license, we verify the address you provide to us through your credit/debit card issuer. The helps to confirm your identity and protect your credit and privacy.

This check is accomplished by sending the address you provide us to our credit card processing company, which in turn checks it with your issuing bank. We never see the address you provide to your bank. Our credit card processor tells us if the address matches an authorized address or not. If you need us to ship your order to other than the billing address of your credit card, you need to contact your issuing bank and request that they add your desired shipping address to the list of authorized addresses for your card.

If your order has been declined due to an address verification problem, contact your issuing bank as described above and then contact us so we can attempt to reverify the order. Please note that orders where the shipping address and the billing address are the same will likely ship the quickest.

Credit Cards Charged Only On Shipment

We do not charge credit cards until the day the order ships.

Wire Transfer and Checks

With prior approval, we also accept pre-payment by bank wire transfer and checks.

Net Terms For approved business, governmental and institutional entities, we offer net payment terms. Please contact us for more information.

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