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Exchange Repair Program

What We Do

MicroReplay is now offering fast, professional, mail-in component-level repair services. Our technical staff has been using and repairing Apple computers since the Apple II came out in 1978. Over the past 29 years we literally grew up using, programming and repairing Apple computers.

Exchange Repair At-A-Glance

Repairing parts to the component level can be a time consuming and expensive task. Considering the investment you must make in personnel and equipment, you might conclude that it is not worth the trouble and just decide to buy expensive replacement parts instead.

But what if you could get those same precision repairs done without the component level hassle?

Our Exchange Repair program makes it possible for you to repair expensive Apple computer boards without going to the component level! All you have to do is send us your qualifying defective part, we will send you a pre-repaired and tested replacement, in as little as 24-hours!

You and your customers now have access to precision repairs without all the trouble of doing it yourself.

Our People and Technology

We have made an extensive investment in professional office space, highly-skilled technical personnel and the latest surface mount and ball grid array circuit board rework equipment, which allows us to offer this special repair program to you. We are able to diagnose and repair, to the component level, whichever device or devices have failed on today's complicated logic boards.

Because of this service, you no longer have to pay for an expensive replacement part when you have a serviceable defective core to return! You can save 30% or more over the outright purchase price by using our Exchange Program.

Exchange Repair Program

Under our "Standard Exchange Program", upon receiving your part, we send you a like part from our extensive inventory of tested, pre-repaired parts. We do not wait for your part to arrive, repair it and then return it to you. We can turn most exchange orders around in a little as 24 hours!

As of August 20, 2008, we have rolled out logic board exchange repair for the all the most important Apple laptops: PowerBook G4s, iBook G3s and G4s (500 MHz and greater), MacBooks, and MacBook Pros. We have also rolled out iMac desktops as well. Click here to go the machine list (opens new window).

You can also enter an Apple part number in the search box on the right side of this page. The part number should start with "661-" and end in 4 digits, for example "661-3232".

Coming Soon: The Rest of the Apple Line and Advance Exchanges

We will also be rolling out exchange repair for logic boards for Power Macs (both G5 and Intel Based). We will also be rolling out Advance Exchanges on many parts. An Adavance Exchange allows you to recieve the pre-repaired part before sending in the defctive part when you have a time-critical situation.

Program Requirements

In order to maintain our high standards, only genuine Apple parts will qualify for the Exchange Program. The parts must not have physical damage (including damage to circuit traces), liquid spills, or 3rd party modifications. Parts must be received in "as failed" condition. Parts that have been modified, attempted to be repaired, loaded with defective components or are missing components may be subject to additional charge, delays or rejection.

For a complete list of all our exchanges, click here!

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