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Logic Board Repair

MicroReplay is now offering fast, professional, mail-in component-level repair services. Our technical staff has been using and repairing Apple computers since the Apple ][ came out in 1978. Over the past 36 years we literally grew up using, programming and repairing Apple computers.

Our Repair Program offers you a way to repair logic boards for as much as 30% less than the cost of replacing them outright. Click one of the links below to navigate by machine type.

You can also enter an Apple part number or EEE code in the search box on the right side of this page. The part number should start with "661-" and end in 4 digits, for example "661-3232". Part numbers are not usually found on the parts themselves. EEE codes are three digits long and can usually be found by taking the first three digits of the last four digits of the logic board serial number. For example, if the logic board serial number is W85234QBVYY, the EEE code would be BVY.

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